Affordable art fair

Parce que c'est encore d'actualité jusqu'à Dimanche, quelques photos de l'Affordable art fair 2010 qui se tient jusqu'à Dimanche, midtown... le principe est de mettre en avant des oeuvres et des artistes gagnant à être connus, 70 galeries d'un peu partout: US, Asie ou Europe, et toutes les oeuvres ont un prix compris entre 100$ et 10000$.. il y en a vraiment pour tous les goûts et toutes les bourses. Et puis si vous n'êtes pas à NY mais à Londres ou  Paris, allez donc voir les dâtes à laquelle celle-ci se tiendra dans votre coin.

le coin des galeristes de Brooklyn

des photos
d'autres photos traitées avec une résine ou laque


un tableau fait de gomettes découpées dans des Dragonball Z et autres mangas




sculpture + peinture


un ice-cream truck en carton
et ses cornets de glace


1.  Do your research: Check out the fair's website
and find some galleries that you definitely want to see.  Having an idea
of specific artists' work you want to view can help streamline the
process.  However, don't let wanting to visit certain galleries take
away from stumbling upon other booths as there is so much to see.

2.  Bring a Pen: Don't be afraid to ask questions
and take notes. Upon arriving at the fair, be sure to pick up a map as
this is imperative to navigating and reminding yourself of what you want
to and have seen. Exhibitors are a wealth of information and are happy
to discuss the art work with you. This is a great way to get firsthand
knowledge about the work and/or artist, which can help add meaning to
the piece and often aid your decision to buy!

3.  Events: Attending events at the Fair, such as
panel discussions and lectures, can help inform visitors about art work
at the Fair and beyond.  Visitors have found the AAF NYC lecture series
very helpful as it has featured an array of art professionals speaking
on various topics including how to start an art collection.

4.  Up and coming artists: It can be incredibly
rewarding not only to purchase art you love but also to support emerging
artists who are at the beginning of their careers! AAF NYC believes in
supporting students by showcasing the Recent Graduates section where art
students from across New York have been hand-picked by a curator to
display their work at the fair to thousands of visitors.

5.  Be open minded: Since art fairs have so much to
offer, it's important to keep your eyes open. Don't set out looking for
only one specific thing, embrace all possibilities and you may be
pleasantly surprised.  That said...

6.  Know your style: Remember, art is a lifetime
investment so select pieces carefully.  Although impulse purchases can
be fun, take the time to walk away for a little while. If you can't stop
thinking about the piece and can see it in your home....you will make
the right decision. But remember, it's much harder to conceal a piece
art in the closet than a pair of shoes!

7.  Forge relationships with galleries: If you are
an avid art fair attendee, you may have made relationships with gallery
owners, who are a great resource on artists and up and coming trends.
If you have connected with a gallery before, they should know your taste
and can help direct you to your next great acquisition!

8.  Set a budget and stick to it: Know what you are
willing to (and what you can) spend on art and stick to your budget.  If
a piece of work is way over your budget, perhaps check out a smaller,
similar piece by the same artist or from the same gallery. Being budget
conscious can be tough, but remember, art fairs bring galleries and
artists from all over the world, representing different types of art and
price points so there will always be something in your price range!
However, if you are truly set on owning this one piece beyond your
budget, you can always approach the gallery about setting up a payment
plan. Various galleries offer a variety of payment plans, so you should
find something which suits both gallery and yourself!

9.  Make a day of it: Art fairs should be a warm and
welcoming environment so make a day of experiencing new artwork!  There
are no rules about where to go first and what to see, so enjoy
meandering through booths and talking with gallerists and artists.  Many
fairs (including AAF NYC) offer children's programming making the day
much more child (and in turn, adult) friendly.

10.  Have fun! Art is created to be fun and exciting
so have a good time while searching for your next, or first, great
piece.  Art fairs are here to encourage creativity and being around such
enthusiasm for art can be incredibly inspiring and infectious.

Et cerise sur le gateau, pour la fête des mères, l'entrée est gratuite pour toutes les mamans accompagnées d'un enfant de moins de 12 ans, ils ont tout prévu.. même le coin coloriage !

Bref, moi j'ai beaucoup aimé... Pour tout renseignement allez voir le site de l'affordable art fair.

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